Stuart Broad, Louis van Gaal v 'Fat Man' and Novak Djokovic v WW1 tank


1) Stuart Broad is the world’s No1 bowler after yet another of his JFK spells. ? Here are highlights of his , and here he is .

2a) Louis van Gaal makes a subtle observation . It’s not the first example of a manager ridiculing or having a pop at the press: there’s (the clip includes spectacular Tim Lovejoy hair), (whose side were struggling when they went out to FC Basel two weeks later). And – WARNING, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE – . Moving on to cricket, here’s Shane Warne channelling his inner David Brent:

2b) A reminder that football teams managed by Van Gaal were once rather exciting. And here’s a demonstration of the .

3) There’s explicit sexual innuendo and there’s .

4a) In bans-that-are worth-picking-up news, .

4b) RIP Glenn Frey, whose music accompanied .

5) .

6) Snooker is so damn hot right now, which is as good a reason as any to revisit this superb BBC documentary from 2010: .

1) .

2) .

3) . He still won, of course.

4) Max Verstappen drives an F1 car. .

5) .

6) .

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